In the sea of Huelva, back in 1990, Norax was born. With seafaring spirit began our journey, wishing to make our passion for sailing a way and a way of life.
After 30 years many people have passed through our lives and many have become friends and colleagues. We have also seen many projects born, some have been maintained, others fell by the wayside, but we have always kept the same illusion and the same desire to prosper: ¡Avante claro!
At this moment we are a team of people (monitors, coordinators, pedagogues, maintenance staff ....) who are passionate about what we do to offer you new ways of living your leisure and free time and educational experiences always in contact with nature.

Come and join us!

MosquitoClub. La Canaleta beach. Punta Umbria.

The passing of the years has shaped this way of understanding and enjoying the beach. We love the beach, we love this place.
Each new season we try to achieve the dream of being a Natural, Real part of this corner. To be nature itself that is only altered by the change of seasons and that you visit as one more element, which is there, immune to the beating of the waves and the winter wind.
It's the Mosquito Club experience, the total beach experience.




SantaPuraClub. La Antilla beach, Lepe.

Santa Pura Club se está convirtiendo rápidamente en uno de los mejores lugares de playa de la Costa de la Luz en Huelva. Nos han definido como “una interpretación española fresca de un campamento de vacaciones. Festivo y bonito con sus techos de marquesinas y velas, comedor, club de niños supervisado y mantra ecológico. Es un gran lugar para relajarse”.

We have all the ingredients to make your summer an unforgettable experience.




You can find us here

Email: info@noraxaventura.com

La Canaleta beach
Punta Umbría
606 554 686
La Antilla beach, Lepe
606 344 371
Guijo de Ávila, Salamanca
606 344 372
606 344 373


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